About Us

Alan Kitty as Mark Twain in Naples, Florida

The mission of the Mark Twain Education Society is to share with today’s business, education and general audiences Mark Twain’s perspective on a wide variety of topics, including Business, Education, Innovation, Literature, History, Humanities, Theatre, Science and Technology. We accomplish this through performances, educational lectures and event speaking by nationally-known Twain interpreter Alan Kitty. Our mission grew from the notion that we relate to Mark Twain more than a century after his death because he embodies the American Spirit, and has captured its heart and soul on paper. We envision Twain as one of the people who Made America Great in the first place. And we leak the reasons why.

About Alan Kitty

Alan is a Teaching Artist, vetted by the Sarasota County-based EdExplore program. He also teaches Mark Twain Studies courses, a content producer, and Professional Speaker who presents humorous content as Mark Twain. His interest in Twain began when he noticed parallels between his life and Samuel Clemens’ as fictionalized inThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer andThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The intriguing coincidences deepened as he expanded his research into the iconic American author. Every entertaining performance, interactive lecture and speaking engagement has enthralled audiences of all ages and disciplines in 22 states, winning universal praise for his convincing portrayal, encyclopedic knowledge, and ability to share Twain’s relevance on an amazing breadth of topics.